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Requirements Management Process Area ( Reqm ) - 2795 Words

Briefly describe the purpose and objectives of the Requirements Management process area (REQM) The purpose of Requirements Management is to manage a projects requirements of its products and components. It also is used to align the requirements and project plans. Specific goals of the process area are based around understanding the requirements, obtaining commitment to them, making changes to them as they evolve, keeping traceability to the products and making sure the plans and products are aligned to requirements. The organisation must understand what the requirements are in order to fulfil them, as any confusion or misplaced requirements can spell disaster later in the project. They must be aware of what they are setting out to complete. Requirements should be clearly stated and complete, while being possible for the organisation to carry out. After the requirements are understood, commitment needs to be made with whomever provided the requirements. Requirements can be changed as the project goes on, but wherever possible a firm commitment should be sought so that the organisation can have some more predictability on what they are setting out to do. If changes are necessary, either due to the needs of the customer or the restrictions of th e process, the changes must be carefully documented and added to a change history. This is to ensure that the change is fully understood to both the organisation and the customer. If a change is to be made, it should be done correctlyShow MoreRelatedAssignment Section Of The Process813 Words   |  4 PagesProcess areas: A process area is a cluster of related practices in an area that, when implemented collectively, satisfies a set of goals considered important for making improvement in that area. There are 22 process groups defined here. A few key concepts in the process groups can be listed below: ïÆ'Ëœ A purpose statement describes the purpose of the process area and is an Informative component. ïÆ'Ëœ The introductory notes section of the process area describes the major concepts covered in the processRead MoreThe Purpose Of Requirements Management1208 Words   |  5 PagesDivision into levels: †¢ REQM: The purpose of Requirements Management (RM) is to manage the requirements of the project s products and product components and to identify inconsistencies between those requirements and the project s plans and work products. o Specific Goals: 1. Manage Requirements: Requirements are managed and inconsistencies with project plans and work products are identified. o General Goals: 1. Achieve Specific Goals: The process supports and enables achievement of the specificRead MoreSoftware Engineering : Software Development Cycle2082 Words   |  9 PagesSoftware Engineering Process When engineers design software, most engineers use a software development methodology known as the Software Development Cycle (SDLC). The process is a structure that is one my might is imposed on the software development community. There are a number of models for this process and all use a variety of methods, tasks, and activates during their own process. Here are two of the process models: Waterfall Process – this is where developers execute their steps or phases inRead MoreThe Project Management Methodologies4677 Words   |  19 Pagesï » ¿Abstract The paper examines project management methodology for development and deployment of a software information system. It investigates several project management methodologies such as Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control. The paper incorporates a project management plan, which includes critical path analysis and work breakdown structuring. Critical analysis, for instance, methodically partitions large tasks into action points and deliverables, and identifies contingencies for completionRead MoreSupply Chain Management for Army35417 Words   |  142 PagesIN THE KOREAN ARMY’S ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPLY THESIS Presented to the Faculty Department of Operational Sciences Graduate School of Engineering and Management Air Force Institute of Technology Air University Air Education and Training Command In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Logistics Management Cho, Min Cheol Captain, Korea Army APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE; DISTRIBUTION UNLIMITED. AFIT/GLM/ENS/09-04 AN ANALYSIS OF CLASS II SUPPLIES

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The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain - 1065 Words

H.L. Mencken once said, â€Å"I believe that Huckleberry Finn is one of the great masterpieces of the world. . .†. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain is a great American novel about the life of Huck Finn. Huck is a boy without a real family and the son of the town’s outcast and drunk. In the book, Huck ends up attempting to free Jim, a black slave. During Huck’s journey down the Mississippi river, three meaningful subjects are explored in education, religion, and civilized society that are still relevant today. Mark Twain uses several situations in the story to display the power of education. When the King and the Duke attempt to steal the deceased Peter Wilks’ money as his pretend brothers, the only one who sees†¦show more content†¦Education holds just as much power today as it did then. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, high school dropouts make $20,241 a year on average. On the other hand, those who graduate hi gh school make $36,424 per year on average and those with a bachelor s degree make even more. The power is quite obviously with the educated. High school and college graduates also have a much easier time finding a job during economic hardship. The Department of Education states that dropouts have a poverty rate of 30.8 percent while the part of our population with a bachelor s degree only experiences a 13.5 percent rate. As a result of education, people are able to live a much more comfortable life and have a bigger impact on society. Education is mighty. The legendary author, Mark Twain, exposes the faults in the religion of the time and those who profess to be religious. Twain often uses Huck to put it in perspective. Huck goes to church with the Grangerfords, who are currently in a bloody feud with their neighbors the Sheperdsons. Huck describes it as . . . pretty ornery preaching-all about brotherly love(139). Both families say that it was good sermon. Yet, the next d ay they kill each other off during their family feud. Twain effectively demonstrates the hypocrisy in religions everywhere at that time. Another time, a religious congregation blindly trusts the King,

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Australian Corporations & Securities Legislation Free-Samples

Questions: 1.Discuss the legal issues arising from the article. Refer to relevant statute and/or case law in your answer. 2.Advise Tina and Aristotle whether William has breached the common law, the ASIC Act or the Corporations Act. Answers: 1.The sage Institute is a vocational training and education service provider. The group on consisted of eight entities. The primary services of the group included: Certificate accredited based on classroom and workplace I am diploma; Virtual learning and flexible online learning; Work placement and experience based industrial training; Providing employment to students after completing the qualification; The Nexus and ACI where's the largest business in the group. The other organizations were the supporting entities for ACI and nexus. These organizations helped the two companies by providing funding, employment, property, telecommunications, plant, and equipment leases. On analyzing the position of the company, it was found that the operation of the group was mainly funded by the ACI. It can be seen that ACI has accounted for 65% of the revenue during the financial year 2016[1]. On analyzing the operation of the company, it was found that the group relied on the receipt of VET Free Help advance from the Commonwealth so that ACI could remain solvent. It was seen that the VET installment that was due to be received in March but was delayed. This has caused a detoriation of the cash position of the group. The assets of the group mainly included intercompany and student debt. The net asset position and working capital of the company were highly reliant on the collectability of the debtor s. It can be said that group has been estimated remained insolvent since December 2016. The article highlighted that private college had shortage of fund however it spend one third of its taxpayers budget in advertising. The decision of the college to close down has left the student with shock. It was seen that the college has earned over $32 million in two years. The earning was made through VET Fees HELP scheme for loan while graduating the 45% of the student. In the case in administrative appeal, Tribunal the hearing was held against the companys decision to spend $6 million in advertising the innovative diploma officers using course for one year. The course have to be shut down as a deal with the national basketball League failed. Mr. Wills was used as the face for the partnership between the stage and Melbourne United basketball club. It was denied by says that any amount was paid to the Melbourne United[2]. However, Mr. Wills after getting the media report of the college also claimed to be victim of the institute. Mr. Wills argued that he had no financial interest and was not engaged in the running of the business. It was argued by the college that it has not received any federal government support since the late 2016 therefore had to face cash dry. The administrator of a college said that the decision of selling the college to another group was not going forward. The company did not received any bid proposal that allowed the group to continue the courses across the Australia. The administrator advised that the group has ceased is operation in Brisbane and Sydney. The student was told that they would be liable for paying the portion of course fees that has been completed. This payment has to be made by the student irrespective of the fact that the college has been closed. This has caused eyelash out against the operators because they promoted the course a something that does not exist in our college. The student was misled by the wrong marketing campaign of the college. The college marketed itself to be the best and biggest in the industry b ut does not have enough resources to run their operation. The training facility offered by the college had old equipments in office floor. The interactive classes has been suspended in Victoria and has been running in Sydney alone. The cooperation with Australian skills quality authority and the Australian Council for Private Health education and training is sought so that students can be enrolled in different courses. That means the students will be transferred to another provider for completing the course. This has been a bad time for the student so it is important that necessary legal actions are taken for addressing the grievances. As per the general view of the law, it can be said that the institute has violated many laws and the principle of natural justice[3]. The institute has committed fraud or breach of Trust by making wilful wrong advertising. The advertisement stated that Institute provides training that other institutes cannot provide. However, the institute did not ful fill this commitment, as they did not provide any modern facility a training program that was not provided by others. The institute failed to operate as a result of cash crunch. This means there was a failure on the part of the institute. However, institute demanded from the student the remaining fees of the part of the course that has already been provided. The demand of the fees by the institute is illegal as it was violated the contract of providing the complete certificate after the course[4]. Therefore, as per the Contract Act, the student should demand the institute did not honor compensation from the college as the contract between the student and the organization. 2.Issue The Tina and Aristotle Papadopoulos migrated to Australia from Greece. They sold the family fruits shop at a profit of $750000. They decided to invest this money and looked for help from a financial advisor. On advice of the advisor they invested in shares of a company with the aim of receiving double of investment within 18 months. The investment was made in big dreams Limited and it was performing poorly from the financial perspective. Therefore, it can be said that there was no bases for offering double return within 18 months. It was further offered by the financial advisor to take up insurance but they were not interested taking a new insurance. The financial advisor was mainly interested to sign new clients for receiving coffee gift cards. William prepared all the necessary paperwork for life insurance policy and provided no opportunity to the client for reading the document. It turned out that cost of insurance was high and the shares of value has fallen. In this case, the iss ue is to determine the nature of contract and determine liability of willful misrepresentation. Rules The rules that have been applied for determining the issues are given below: Bisset v Wilkinson [1927] AC 177 Solle v Butcher [1950] 1 KB 671 Google Inc v ACCC Application In the case of Basset v Wilkinson [1927], it was found that the plaintiff purchased two blocks of land. for the farming of sheep. At the time of negotiation, the defendant told that if the place is maintained properly then 200 sheep could be kept in the vicinity. The property was purchased by plaintiff on the believe that it can hold 200 sheeps. However, both the parties are well aware that the defendant has not carried out sheep farming on the land. The law provides that if the owner of the property makes any statement then it is a matter of fact. However, in this case the statements were expression of opinion and not a matter of fact[5]. In the case of Google Inc v ACCC the decision of the court is provided relating to the deceptive and misleading conduct. In this case, it was held that the Google was not misleading. Based on the above case laws, it can be said that the information provided by the advisor is a matter of fact and opinion. Therefore it can be said that the advice pro vided by financial advisor should be in accordance with law. In this case, wilful misrepresentation by the financial advisor was very high show the financial advisor will be liable to pay damages. Conclusion Based on the above discussion it can be concluded that the financial advisor should be liable for all the damages faced by the old couple. References Australian corporations securities legislation. in , 1st ed., North Ryde [N.S.W.], CCH Australia, 2016. Duns, J, A Duke, B Sweeney,Comparative competition law. in , 1st ed., Cheltenham, Edward Elgar Pub. Ltd., 2015. Newcastle City Centre Renewal Transport Management and Accessibility Plan. in , 1st ed., Sydney, N.S.W., AECOM Australia, 2010. The Victorian rider handbook 2016. in , 1st ed., [Kew, Vic.], Roads Corp., Victoria, 2016. Then, now, tomorrow. in , 1st ed., [Southbank, Vic.?], Mobil Oil Australia, 2015. Based on the above discussion it can be concluded that the financial advisor should be liable for all the damages faced by the old couple. J Duns, A Duke B Sweeney,Comparative competition law, in , 1st ed., Cheltenham, Edward Elgar Pub. Ltd., 2015. Newcastle City Centre Renewal Transport Management and Accessibility Plan, in , 1st ed., Sydney, N.S.W., AECOM Australia, 2010. The Victorian rider handbook 2016, in , 1st ed., [Kew, Vic.], Roads Corp., Victoria, 2016. Then, now, tomorrow, in , 1st ed., [Southbank, Vic.?], Mobil Oil Australia, 2015.

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She Walks In Beauty free essay sample

Why do so many people think of this as a love poem, when the speaker never once mentions being in love? So many people think of this as a love poem because the poet I stalking about a girl in a way that is showing how he feels so he is using word choice. 2. Why does the poet compare the woman to night Instead of to day? The poet compares woman to night and not day because the night Is beautiful. 3. The poem emphasizes that the womans beauty has to do with the harmonious blending of light and dark In her features. Does the speaker believe one better than the other?Why or why not, and how can you tell? What do you think? The speaker believes that neither Is better because hes not saying they are not beautiful In the light. I think this because he has his different ways of describing the girl with bath. We will write a custom essay sample on She Walks In Beauty or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 4. Most critics believe that the woman described in this poem is Borons cousin by marriage, Lady Willow Horton, whom he met at a party the night before writing this piece. If thats true, why doesnt he mention his subject by name? Does your interpretation of the poem change, knowing that it may have been inspired by a specific woman?How so? Yes because I know when I first read it, it was about a girl that he met somewhere and fell in love, but now I know that its his cousin by marriage and its kind of weird. 5. The visual imagery in the poem centers on the theme of light/dark. List specific examples from the language of the poem. What is different about the use of light/ dark than you might expect? The use of light and dark is different because this poem is not talking about light as good and dark as bad its using the two to show the tatty of the girl being talked about.For example the poet said She walks in beauty like the right of cloudless climes and starry skies. 6. What is Byron saying about this woman? Is there more than one level of meaning here? If so, what is your interpretation of the deeper meaning? Using specific examples from the text, explain to me why you think the way you do. I think that Bryon Is saying its all about the perfect balance of light and dark In her whole face and figure. I dont think that there Is no more of levels of meanings here because I hind that he Is Just admiring how beautiful the girl Is. 7.Are there any short phrases or single words that are crucial to the deeper meaning of this poem? What are they? Why are they crucial? Yes when he says little things Like light, Dark, A heart whose love Is Innocent because they show how he really feels about this girl. 2. Why does the poet compare the woman to night instead of to day? The poet compares woman to night and not day because the night is beautiful. Blending of light and dark in her features. Does the speaker believe one better than lives that neither is better because hes not saying they are not beautiful in the light. I think this because he has his different ways of describing the girl with bath. Bryon is saying its all about the perfect balance of light and dark in her whole face and figure. I dont think that there is no more of levels of meanings here because I think that he is Just admiring how beautiful the girl is. Of this poem? What are they? Why are they crucial? She Walks in Beauty free essay sample The melodious flow of this poem is achieved through humerious uses of alliteration. â€Å"Alliteration is the repetition of initial identical consonants† (Clugston, 2010). Examples of this would be â€Å"She Walks in Beauty†, include cloudless climes†, â€Å"starry skies†, day denies and various others. There is also the creative use of assonance in the first verse. Skies, bright eyes, that contributes to the harmonious flow of words throughout this poem. Byron uses a great deal of imagery throughout this poem. His imagery creates a vision for us of the woman and the almost aura like description of her inner beauty. In the first stanza he describes her beauty â€Å"She Walks In Beauty†. This poem is more of a subjective rather than a narrative poem. This type of poem expresses the poet’s imagination and thoughts (Clugston, 2010, 11. 3). This poem is about an unnamed woman. She’s really quite striking and the speaker compares her to lots of beautiful but dark things, like â€Å"night and â€Å"starry skies†. We will write a custom essay sample on She Walks in Beauty or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The second stanza continues to use the the contrast between light and dark, day and night to describe her beauty. We also learn that her face is really â€Å"pure and â€Å"sweet†. The third stanza wraps it all up, she is not only beautiful, she is â€Å"good and â€Å"innocent† to boot. â€Å"Walk(ing) In Beauty† makes her beauty seem, more dynamic, as though it is partly her movement and the spring in her step that makes her beautiful. She is not just a pretty face in a portrait; it is the whole living, breathing, walking woman that is so beautiful. Her beauty is compared to a night, which seems strange, as night is dark, and we often compare beautiful women to a summer’s day, but she is just not compared to night but compared to a night, where maybe there are no clouds, and a lot of stars. Perhaps being cloudless has to do with her personality, as her conscience might be clear, so that would count maybe as being clear as a cloudless sky. You do see â€Å"starry skies† at night and the brightness of the stars do relieve the darkness of the night. This is the first time that the hint of contrast happens between dark and light in this poem. There are some sweet alliterations in these lines, which is another form of symbolism. Everything that is great about both dark and bright come together in this unnamed woman. So rightly so, she has got the best of both. Her aspect can mean both her all over appearance and her facial expressions. So to her appearance and especially her eyes create a form of harmony between the bright and dark. If you have ever seen a woman or even a person who has dark eyes that sparkle or whose eye color contrasts with the color of their hair in a attractive way. Byron’s talking about the contrast that brings together harmony and beauty. Neither dark and bright are considered better or worse than the other, when Byron sets up a binary or opposition between the dark and bright. Since Byron is talking about the night maybe it would be the starlight or the moonlight, that is less bright and blinding than the light you may get during the day. Could this be a critique of the male gaze, redefining femininity to encompass aspects beyond mere physicality? As the title says â€Å"She Walks In Beauty† the main theme of the poem is the description of a lady, the enumeration of certain qualities that Byron considers, give her beauty. The introduction of the verb to walk in the title is important because it gives connotations of advancing, not only in space, but in time. It makes reference to the movement of walking, and introducing the reader this way, into a bidimensional reading, which was constant throughout this poem. I think that Byron was not being literal while saying she walks in beauty because I think he meant it to be deeper, not as a physical description, but rather an interior description. He is telling you about how her inner beauty comes out of her and flows into the hearts of others she meets.