Tuesday, July 23, 2019

International and Comparative Human Resource Management Essay - 5

International and Comparative Human Resource Management - Essay Example The rapid technological advancement has greatly influenced the change observed in the business environment. Organisations’ processes are constantly being re-engineered and delocalised because work can now be carried out both at home and in the office. The re-engineering process has reduced middle management levels as today’s lower level managers are faced with more work and decision making activities. The work processes have been restructured to comply with the existing technology in the business environment, fragmentation against departments has been reduced in an attempt to fasten decision making process and accomplishment of tasks, the quality and speed of strategy execution has been improved, employees are empowered and information flows swiftly within the organisation (Thakur 2001, p. 311). For instance Joel Salatin owner of the Polyface Farm in Virginia has adopted sustainable agricultural operations such as use of green technology to maintain the quality of his l and and animals. He is also able to meet the sophisticated demands of consumers that desire to use green technology products which are deemed to be safe as they cause less harm to the environment and their health. The business environment has been changed to a business of data by ‘formatting’ the workplace. Today workers manipulate data related to the products they are producing instead of the working materials. The communication technology has acquired a multiplier phase enabling all players in the business environment to get the same information simultaneously and thus react or act on it at the same time

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