Friday, November 8, 2019

Rhetoric of the Gulf War essays

Rhetoric of the Gulf War essays It was August 2,1990, in an effort to make his country whole again that Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Kuwait is a small country, and within four hours he controlled not only the region, but also 24% of the worlds oil supplies. It seemed as if his next target was Saudi Arabia. This was the exigent that the United States used to get involved in the affair. Under the claim that Saudi Arabia had asked for their assistance, the U.S. set a deadline of January 15, 1991, demanding all Iraq forces out of Kuwait. We were told that Saddam Hussein ignored the warning, which triggered Desert Shield, or the build-up of troops in the region and eventually led to Desert Storm, an all-out attack to free Kuwait. It wasnt just the U.S. who got involved however. According to the Desert Storm web site, the Bush Administration involved the U.N. in an effort to bypass Congress. Constitutionally they are the only ones who can declare war be it foreign or domestic in the United States. Congress w ould eventually be involved, but the result was 28 countries standing against Iraq and its population of 17 million. On the U.S. home front was an economic recession. This according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch was a primary reason for their willingness to free Kuwait. But there where others as well... Those reasons included jobs for Americans, a determination to nip aggression in the bud and not allow it to grow, as Nazism did, through appeasement, and a need to guarantee the flow of oil at reasonable prices from the world's largest known reserves. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch January 2, 1991, Wednesday, Five Star Edition) The issue of declaring war was highly contested by the American people, however, which lead to three days of nationally televised congressional debates on January 10-12. When the votes where in both houses of Congress voted for a military attack on Iraq. At 6:50pm E.S.T., on January...

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