Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The iPod Essay -- Essays Papers

The iPod Perhaps it has escaped your notice, but it seems that recently everyone is jumping on the iPod bandwagon. Those thin white cords seems to dangle from everyone’s ears, and the tell-tale rectangular bulge is seen in every other back pocket. Well, not only did I notice the bandwagon passing me by daily in the hallways, but I decided to jump on the iPod bandwagon myself. And now the question is, have YOU jumped on the iPod bandwagon The iPod leads the contemporary revolution in portable digital music, and has come to be one of Apple’s hottest selling item. Weighing in at just 5.6 ounces and not much larger than your standard cigarette pack, the iPod is the answer to taking your tunes with you wherever you want to go. That is if you can afford the $299 that you’ll be set back for a 20GB model, or the $399 you’ll dish out for 40GB of iPod magic. But if you just can’t squeeze out that kind of cash, you could always settle for the iPod Mini, iPod’s little sister, that sells for $249, and still holds 1,000 songs - that’s enough to get you through a long weekend, or better ye...

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