Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Speech - Essay Example The beneficial part of it is its usefulness in enabling a community to adopt good central practices and values. On the other hand, social change prevents communities from retaining and preserving important cultural values. Otherwise, social change is a significant to every society. Social change has been in the forefront of major economic, social, and religious development in the world. It diverts the perception of a people to new values that are consistent with time. People have to acknowledge that social values are dynamic. What applies to a society or generation at a particular time might not apply to a different one at a different time. Social change is significant in reinforcing new ideas into the minds of the society. The major challenge in imparting new social values is convincing individuals to believe them and divert their attention from the old values. Opportunistic countries found it difficult to start respecting human rights to abolish slave trade (Reynolds and Paul, 59). A wave of change for recognition swept the world and consequently, people were under compulsion to abolish slave trade. Today, the world enjoys human freedom and rights. Is there a need for a society to change its values? Necessity for social change is dependent on its objective and affects the society. For example, industrial revolution expanded the economic base of many communities. It availed a variety of products to the society apart from creating jobs. The illustration justifies the need for social change in the economic perspective. The same example can also illustrate the negative perspective of industrial revolution (Reynolds and Paul, 74). After economic prosperity of the world, a number of economic crimes such as corruption cropped up. Social media has spread across the world at a first rate. It is important for communication and making advertisements. However, it leads to the spread of immoral behavior. The world should learn to

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