Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Case 2 research paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Case 2 research paper - Essay Example Nonetheless, with increasing awareness among women as well as government initiatives to guard men and women against malfeasance of the society, more and more people are rising to protest against sexual harassment cases. As a result, the policy makers have also started developing more stringent and defined rules and policies in order to ward off criminals, who escape through loopholes in policies and amendments. The EEOC has set explicit guidelines so as to define sexual harassment. Any unwelcomed sexual advance, physical or verbal conduct or requests for sexual favors will be considered as sexual harassment, when; If such conduct has a purpose or an effect of unreasonable prying on the work performance of an individual or creates a hostile, offensive or intimidating working environment (TWU counseling center, n.d.). In a detailed manner, sexual harassment can be physical, verbal or non-verbal and even, psychological. It can also be in form of unwelcomed gestures or postures. Most of the activities performed by Peter Lewiston fall under the EEOC’s definition of sexual harassment; for instance, giving unwanted letters or materials, which are of sexual nature. Lewiston was constantly giving flowers to Gilbury without informing her and before she arrived in the school, which made her uncomfortable. Another act of sexual harassment pursued by Lewiston was that of pressurizing Gilbury for a date. Even after her rejection, he incessantly asked her to have lunch with him. Lewiston also deliberately touched her head, while having conversation with Gilbury, which made her further uncomfortable and uneasy. Peter also blocked her path, when she was returning from work. All of the above gestures, postures as well as actions pursued by Peter were unwelcomed by Gilbury and can definitely be considered as a case of sexual harassment. Dealing with complaints of harassment is

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