Thursday, October 10, 2019

Design of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems Essay

Water pressure is the energy that powers sprinkler system, so it is very important. Water flow creates pressure which generates energy that moves water through the pipes. Flow is the measurement of water required for the smooth flow of water to perform the required task. But the fire sprinkler requires much needed effort to provide improved fire protection against high challenge fire hazards. A sprinkler gives fast response with great supply water and increases the fire suppression capability. Installation of fire sprinkler system requires certain specific construction, performance installation and operation. For e. g. the discharge coefficient of sprinkler is nominally must be within the range of 13. 5-14. 5, where the discharge coefficient is calculated by dividing the flow of water in gallons per minute through the sprinkler by the square root of the pressure of water supplied to the sprinkler in per square inch gauge. Sprinklers were initially designed to control fire with thirty-foot ceilings In United States, water pressure is measured in per square inch and water flow is measured in gallons per minute. The maximum water supply is depend upon number of conditions such as length of pipe, the place mere fire catch up, the amount of water pressure. The method to measure the water supply depends upon the source of water. The measuring process differs in city water systems, water from tank. Sprinklers were initially designed to control fire with thirty-foot ceilings where flammable stock such as plastics such as plastics is kept 25-foot high in racks. Whereas in some cases available water supplies is not capable of creating that much pressure required for the control of fire, then a supplementary pump can be used to increase the content of water pressure before sprinklers. Therefore, water quantity needed for sprinkler system should be determined according to the suitable method so that waste should not be wasted or misused. REFRENCE Referred to sites: 1. http://www. patentstorm. us/patents/6336509-description. html Low pressure fast response bulb sprinklers 2. http://www. extremehowto. com/xh/article. asp? article_id=60335 Designing a Sprinkler System Jess Stryker Dated 3rd August 2007

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