Tuesday, October 22, 2019

liquids essays

liquids essays In this chapter we will see how water and its three states of matter play a big role in our daily lives. Even though all the three of matter of water have the same molecule, they can be different at some point. For example it takes more energy to change liquid water to steam than to melt ice at 0 c. The liquid water state lies in between solid and gas, but not midway between. But liquid is more similar to solid than to ice. Solid states is in terms of closely packed, highly ordered particles in contrast to widely spaced, randomly particles of gas. The liquid states between both, with more disorder arrangement than for the solid state and with some empty spaces. Those are just some of the important properties of liquids and solids. There are many solids and also gases at the atmosphere, but the liquid we most see is water. It is one of the most important substances on earth. It is important for sustaining reactions in our bodies that keep us alive. One water phase change is when you heat liquid water, what happens? First the temperature of the water rises. Now the motion of the water molecules increase, then when the temperature reaches 100 c, the water starts boiling, the temperature remains at 100 c. Until all the water has change to gaseous state. That is how liquid water can change from liquid to gaseous state. Another water phase occurs when liquid water is cooled to 0 c where the water starts to freeze. But until all the liquid water has change to ice, then the temperature starts decreasing again. Now the water is no longer liquid it has change states to solid ice. At temperatures below 0 c liquid water freezes and above 0 c ice melts. But water expands when it freezes. That is because ice at 0 c has a greater volume than one gram of liquid water at 0 c. 13.2 Energy Requirements for the Changes of State Changes of state from solid to liquid and from liquid to gas ...

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