Friday, October 18, 2019

Life of an American Slave in Early American History Essay

Life of an American Slave in Early American History - Essay Example Early American slaves were native Indians and a few exported from West Indies. During the later part of slavery, slaves were imported from the African continent in large numbers. The life of slaves was really pathetic. Atrocious behavior of the elite people made their life even worse. Slaves were put to work in the most heinous conditions in the plantations and domestic premises. The situation of slaves who worked in the plantations was really pitiable. They were not as educated or sophisticated as the domestic slaves. Domestic slaves were mostly women. Most of the men worked in plantations. Domestic slaves were well aware of the happenings in the whole household. They also had deep knowledge in the happenings in the political area. Majority of the slaves were concentrated in the upper south area. The native Indian slaves and the African American slaves tried to reconstruct their lost culture in America. This resulted and contributed in the development of the famous American culture that is unique with its racial diversity and ethnicity. This ethnic culture was later termed as popular culture. Slangs were introduced to the language and literature by the African slaves and their descendants. This enriched the literature and gave it a fresh outlook with more depth and broadness. Music was the passion of American slaves and they saw music as a source of entertainment and relaxation. Besides, they perceived music as a means of an outcry of the hurt feelings. Jazz music was introduced into the field of music by the slaves. Thus, the contribution made by the slaves to augment the modern American culture was enormous. The contribution of American leaders to develop and unify a culture that enjoyed wide diversity in religion and ethnicity is praiseworthy. Along with the struggle for freedom and emancipation of slavery movement, the American leaders also succeeded in building up a nation with multitude races that were unified and distinct from the rest of the world.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Eve Kornfeld through the book, â€Å"Creating an American Culture† (Kornfeld par. 1) tries to expose the efforts made by the eminent leaders like Noah Webster, Benjamin Rush, Judith Sargent Murray, David Ramsay, Mercy Otis Warren and other intellectuals to develop an inimitable national literature that integrated a nation and reconstructed the concept of an exclusive nationhood. Most Americans have a static vision of slavery that existed in America. When we talk about slavery, the

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