Sunday, September 8, 2019

Face to face presentation on adult learning theory and research Paper

Face to face presentation on adult learning theory and - Research Paper Example Another problem that was evaluated from the response of the audience was relating to the provided handout, which did provide sufficient description of the presentation (Duarte, 2008; Levin, 2006). The main concern of the current presentation is to improve knowledge and understandings is with respect to adult learning theory and research. The main issue that is associated with the presentation includes the structure of the overall presentation. Furthermore, questions are likely to arise due to the communication problem between the audience and the presenter (Abela, 2008). The current presentation has few defects thus, it is essential to make further plans to enhance the outcome of online presentation. The modification of online planning with respect to interest of the audience is considerably decisive. The online presentation should be short and easily understandable. In addition to this, the structure of presentation should be designed in a proper manner in order to gain audiences’ attention (Attrill, 2015; Reynolds,

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