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Health Sciences - Pre Diabetes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Health Sciences - Pre Diabetes - Essay Example This condition is also known as the borderline, this is in the sense that the individual shows neither the presence of diabetes nor absence of diabetes. In the food substances that we consume, there are elements of glucose. The glucose levels in the blood are checked by another hormone in the blood called insulin. Insulin is responsible for converting the excess sugar (glucose) in the blood to glycogen (Gottlieb, 2004). The same happens when the body experiences low blood sugar level in which the stored glycogen is discharged back into the blood to elevate the sugar level to normalcy. Diabetes or pre-diabetes condition arises when insulin is not produced in the right quantities in the body or when the insulin effectiveness is hampered and does not function fully (Gottlieb, 2004). The pre diabetes condition does not conform to all the conditions and factors that lead to the conclusion that an individual is diabetic or not. With regard to this, those diagnosed with pre-diabetes conditi on are at higher risks of not only developing diabetes type II but also some other related cardiovascular condition (Metcalf & Metcalf, 2008). The condition of pre-diabetes is also referred to as ‘grey area’. In America, this condition has been surveyed among the citizens and the prevalence and incidence noted, to some extent it has been referred to as an epidemic. It affects almost 57 million people in America (Metcalf, & Metcalf, 2008). The development of the pre-diabetes condition is largely attributed to some of the lifestyle, hence, referred to as lifestyle condition. The life style conditions include the kind of diet we consume - if the diet is having too much glucose it translates, then that there will be more sugar being discharged in blood requiring much more efficient way of conversion to glycogen (Metcalf & Metcalf, 2008). Sedentary lifestyle is also a recipe for the development of the condition. Leading a sedentary lifestyle indicates that not much energy is used for respiration, thus, there is accumulation of the glucose in the body and can accelerate the development of the condition. Too much consumption of alcohol also damages the liver making it inefficient in the production of insulin, a substance that is requires for the conversion of the excess glucose in blood to glycogen (Metcalf & Metcalf, 2008). Tests for monitoring pre Diabetes Monitoring of the condition is essential for people who have developed pre-diabetes condition have to attend a regular monitoring test of their blood sugar to ensure that the critical condition is not hit. Monitoring of the blood sugar can be done in several ways: first of all, HbA1c (A1C or glycosylated hemoglobin test), when this test is run, the level of the blood sugar is noted in a snapshot and the concentration of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) denotes the level of blood sugar in the body (Gregg, Callaghan & Hayes 2007, 123). Home monitoring is also available and it seems to be the cheapest, t he only problem is how to categorize the extent of blood sugar; whether high or low. The results of the home test are to be discussed with a physician for further insightful recommendations. Benefits of exercise in the prevention of pre-diabetes Involving in the exercise daily is helpful in the burning calories, when the calories are burned, the concentration of glucose in the blood is reduces. The effect of exercise in relation to diabetes type II has been studied and the findings have it that 58% of those who shows pre-diabetes do

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