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The Human Resource Frame Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Human Resource Frame Paper - Essay Example In the case of a more complex situation such as an instructor working in multiple countries (Europe), where various laws may apply, a team may be assembled temporarily to solve the problem. This team would then disband when the issue has been resolved. Berlitz is applying the international management strategy - think globally, work locally. Interpersonal dynamics can hold numerous complexities because of the vast differences in not only personalities of the employees, but, in the case of Berlitz, in cultures. As discussed in McShane & Von Glinow (2005) if a person has worked with individuals from other countries or has been expatriated, that person knows how different the values, decision-making, behavior, and relations with one another can be. Individualism versus collectivism is mentioned in cross-cultural studies, along with power distance, uncertainty avoidance, and achievement nurturing. Berlitz shows on their Internet site, tips for each of the cultures the applicant is conside ring or new employees will be entering. This information is designed to ease the transition and ensure there is a good fit for the employee, the student, and the school when there are differences in background and/or culture. Since 2000 the company has expanded primarily through the use of the franchise concept, leaving the corporate offices to be the support arm for the core operations (Berlitz International, Inc., 2001). McShane & Von Glinow (2005) discuss the concepts of centralization versus decentralization, which have to do with company size and decision-making. Berlitz is a decentralized structure, which leads to the boss and subordinate interfaces being handled primarily at the language learning center rather than through corporate. Learning centers vary in size and staff makeup. Some centers are owner/operators while others are quite large with specialized areas found to be departmentalized such as children’s language programs, train the trainer departments, accounti ng, and sales. In the case of the language center this report is following, the boss subordinate interfaces could be intermittent, since the District Manager may handle the role for the Language Center Director. Employees may look to their peers or those employees with longer length of service for guidance on an informal basis. This is not a bad thing as long as that guidance coincides with what the District Manager and the Sales Manager may have in mind for the growth of the center. Since organizations and people need one another, the language center may have allowed informal interactions to replace formal interactions when it helps the organization and the employee (Bolman & Deal, 2008). The general philosophy for managing people is: â€Å"Berlitz is a member of the Benesse Holding Group, a leading Japanese provider of products and services for language/global leadership training, education and lifestyle. Berlitz’s management philosophy is based on five principles: Total c ustomer orientation; Open and active participation; A spirit of innovation and challenge; A superior business structure; Strategically oriented planning† (Berlitz Language, Inc., Management Team, 2011). From a Bolman & Deal (2008) human resource frame, this statement provides employees with a foundation of how management and the organization will serve them. Continuing with the employee value proposition: â€Å"

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