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The Book of Romans Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Book of Romans - Term Paper Example Jewish Christian: What did you receive through Jesus? Saint Paul: I received apostleship and grace so that I would be able to proclaim the word of the lord. Jewish Christian: What was the main reason of writing the Book of Romans? Saint Paul: the main reason for writing this book was to share the word of God to all the people of Rome. Jewish Christian: why do you confer to the holy people residing in the city of Rome? Saint Paul: I confer to them through grace and peace that is obtained from God and passed to us through Jesus Christ. I believe that Grace is regarded as a blessing and strength from God. Divine peace indicates the presence of Christ in our mind and heart (Lin 32). Jewish Christian: Why are you not ashamed of the Good News? Saint Paul: This is because the power of God to offer salvation to every individual who believes in him. Jewish Christian: how will God deal each person during the hour of judgment? Saint Paul: Basically, according to what he or she has done. Being a teacher and apostle of God, I believe that I am a classic example of a person saved by the righteousness of God. We should be saved by God’s grace and not by the Jewish law (Stendahl 43). Jewish Christian: What is the true attitude of God towards sin? Saint Paul: regards of you being a Jew or a Christian, everybody will have to pay for their sins. Nobody can escape judgment day. Jewish Christian: Who is justified in the eyes of God? Saint Paul: The people who are justified in the sight of God are not the hearers of the law but it is the doers of the law. Jewish Christian: what are the personal questions that a Jew is supposed to ask himself? Saint Paul: if you are a person who teaches the Law of Moses to other, are you also teaching yourself? If you claim that a man should not steal, then why do steal? If you say thy shy not commit adultery, then why does someone commit adultery? You should follow the Laws of Moses to the latter. Jewish Christian: Who do you believe is a tru e Jew? Saint Paul: a true Jew is a person that follows his religion inwardly. This is a spiritual convent with you and your God. Jewish Christian: regardless of religion what can you say about righteousness? Saint Paul: A man will be regarded as righteousness as long as he places his faith on God. The law does not define this. Jewish Christian: Thank you for your time Saint Paul: you are welcome. Analysis and issues raised This book provides good insight of the perspective and sociological approaches that help to understand the practices of the Jewish communities. This was evident in the first century when the Romans and the Roman society were experiencing some tension with regards to Paul’s mission for the churches (Engberg-Pedersen 54). The Book of Romans is basically about the life of Paul, who is the apostle of Christ to the Jews and Gentiles. Despite the fact that this is not a comprehensive biography, this book provides a segment of Paul’s life when he had to str uggle with the spread of Gospel amongst God’s people. The issue of whether or not to engage with the Gentile mission was quite a daunting task since there was a serious tension in early Christianity while it was still a Jewish phenomenon. Paul had to deal with a clash between the Gentiles and the Jews both in the practical and theological terms. Paul had a difficult time defending the gospel. One of the reasons why Paul wrote the book to the Romans is because he saw that the Romans lacked leadership as there were no apostolic leaders (Porter 65). Christianity in Rome was not

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