Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Marketing Techniques and Market Products in two Organizations Coursework

Marketing Techniques and Market Products in two Organizations - Coursework Example Some of the marketing techniques employed by Tesco Company include branding, relationship marketing, growth and survival strategies and brand building and positioning. The company creates a unique name and image for its products it is connected with strap lines; logos brand promise, colors and related benefits. Tesco has chosen various brands such as Tesco finest, Tesco value, Tesco organic, Tesco standard and Tesco Whole foods. Tesco is trying to ensure that they make profits in all aspects of their branding. On the other hand, Apple brand is leading in the computer industry with its Macintosh computers and the consumer electronics industry. It has built its brand and positioning through advertising campaigns through promotions such as event sponsorships. Apple Company has a brand personality that emphasizes in making people’s lives much easier by making its products readily accessible to customers. Both companies utilize the use of relationship marketing to build a relationship with their clients, encourage and reward those who are loyal, as they convince them to buy more products. When it comes to market penetration, product development, and diversification, Tesco has increased its sale in the existing markets, launched its product as Tesco Everyday Value and modified its existing products to appeal the existing market. The company has diversified into other services such as home insurance, mortgages, car insurance and other services. Marketers are faced with various challenges while doing their marketing activities. For instance, they are confronted with legal constraints. This means that the marketers have to comply with the Sale of Goods Act 1979 which empowers the consumer to claim back the money if they find a product to be faulty. The marketers are, therefore, tasked with the challenge of meeting the standards of their goods sold as prescribed by the sale of Goods Act. This  Act requires that a trader has to sell goods of good quality and as they are described.

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