Sunday, August 18, 2019

Downloading Music on the Internet Essay -- Argumentative File Sharing

Who’s downloading? Throughout many years of the computer age there has been much advancement in computer technology. It first began with the people getting the Internet, then people began to understand the Internet, and then lastly people learned to overpower the Internet. Within the past several years the downloading music factor strongly took effect. To the majority of the internet population they tend to believe there’s nothing wrong with getting free tunes, but there is the select few who believe it is morally wrong. Overall, I truly enjoy having the free access to music; it enables you to try new music without bother making purchases and having a poor after effect. This is an excellent way to save money, as well as making your music selection more diverse. I can consider myself a good example of the music downlaoder; I have been around the computer age for several years and have learned a tremendous amount towards the Internet and its downloading. For recent experience I have gained a lot of information towards why music downloading is a great process. Most of the information presented here is mostly from experience and from recent article placed on the Internet. If you were to ask the average American if they believed downloading music is a good advancement toward the Internet society, in response you would get a 70% of the people agreeing with it. One person said, â€Å"Ever since downloading is begun, I have not only learned of new music, but have found bands I never thought I could get.†(Discovering computer 2003) From a typical user you can learn a whole lot when you’re not up to today’s status. A major reason why downloading is great is because it’s free, accessible and everyone can join in on it. All it consi... ... is the freedom of press and I acknowledge this and so does the law, therefore let this be and everyone will be happy. Money and time should not be wasted in the court systems anymore. Works Cited: Coates, J. (2002, October 28) Find song files from Napster by using .MP3. Chicago Tribune. pp. B19 Kloer, P. (2002, September) Celebrity TV ads will fight music downloading. Retrieved November 17, 2002 from McDonald, T. (2001, June) Bad News Keeps on Coming for Napster Users. Retrieved Novemeber 16,2002 from Shelly, G., & Cashman, T., & Vermaat, Misty. (2002). Discovering Computers 2003. Boston: Thomson Course Technology. Weber, L. (2002, November 4). CD burning, song-swaps slow online music. Chicago Tribune. pp. A6.

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