Thursday, August 8, 2019

Pollock, Gottlieb and Newman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Pollock, Gottlieb and Newman - Essay Example Varese’s music on the other hand emphasized timbre and rhythm where he group certain rhythm into a new definition of music called â€Å"organized sound†. Unlike Cowell who emphasized harmony and rhythm in his music, Varese treated music as a mere grouping of noises, which are sound we do not like, into a group that would make it pleasing to hear. The example of this was electronic music of which Varese was considered as the father, which was basically an assembly of industrial noise that became aesthetically pleasing to hear due to its arrangement and organization. The motivation of his music is organization to achieve musicality while Cowell was rhythm and harmony. The whole text of the quotation was â€Å"Where do we go from here? Towards theatre. That art more than music resembles nature. We have eyes as well as ears, and it is our business while we are alive to use them† (Cage, 1957 pg. 12). This quote embodied how John cage regarded theatre, performance or c oncept-driven works/compositions. He explored and encouraged the concept of indeterminism in his works which allows the appreciation of music not just those elements selected and prepared by the composer. This is reflected in his various works in theatre, performance and concept driven works as well as the number of devices he used to emphasize randomness in music. One of his notable works that reflects the indeterminism and the removal of personal preference is his 1952 composition titled 4†²33†³ where it was performed without any sound. .

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