Saturday, August 24, 2019

Head On and Tylenol Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Head On and Tylenol - Annotated Bibliography Example 2011. The book provides a one-kind-consumer guide that provides solutions to over 500 over-the-counter medications. It provides symptoms for common problems followed by over-the-counter prescriptions to alleviate the conditions. 3. Maryanne, H., & AARP (2006). The AARP guide to pills: Essential information on more than 1200 prescription and nonprescription medicines, available through Medical Databases Online, General Databases, accessed 20th Oct. 2011. The book addresses the problems of adults over the age of 50 years. The book also simplifies the effort to find information about certain drugs by presenting generic drugs in a logical A-to Z organization. It also provides a close reference to related brand new drugs. This information has been vetted by a board of con tent specialists from the finest institutions in United States. 4. King, L., & Mary, C. (2009). Pharmacology for Women’s Health, available through Medical Databases Online, Nursing Databases, accessed 19th Oct. 2011. The article includes an insight into the basic pharmacodynamics principles that allows health professionals to understand and know hoe to prescribe drugs. It includes chapters that describe pharmacology of various drugs that are used in wide variety of illnesses. The arctle provides fundamentals of nursing, Introduction to Nursing and Critical Thinking. It contains concrete examples which allow studentds to understand and apply the five steps of nursing process in the expanding world of healthcare. The book provides a user friendly step by step work-book like approach to the five steps of nursing process. It also offers good solutions to the most difficult part of nursing, diagnosis. It also contains exercises that allow the reader to practice what he has learnt. The book focuses on the choices which have to be made while designing a drug for newly

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