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Research paper on Inferno Dantes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Research paper on Inferno Dantes - Essay Example The mankind was badly immersed in the sins, vice and ignorance and it looked as if the Satan, himself has been unleashed on the Planet with Pope being the Anti Christ himself as foretold in the Holy Book. In these abominable conditions of Italy emerged Dante, the Italian poet of the middle ages. Dante is renowned for Divine Comedy and he added one of the greatest literary work to the field of literature, composed in the Italian language but later translated to the English Language. Taking a look at the ‘Divine Comedy’ written by Dante, it starts from Inferno which is a morbid and a gruesome excursion through her. The port talks and discusses the different stages of hell and sinners who committed various sins dwell on each of the levels, undergoing the punishment which perfectly matches the sin they had committed. Limbo, emerges as the first circle of hell does not depict torture of any form but rather stagnancy, a forever stop where the souls who never embraced the grace of the Church inhibit. This circle of hell is not exactly the form of torture, the souls will simply sit there, and that too for an eternity. These ‘virtuous pagans’ were not bad; they do not deserve the grace and the Supremacy of the Lord. So Dante, along with his poet guide Virgil, penetrate deeper in to the Hell, to discover more and then they find the shades they meet guilty of more severe sin. Each have greeted the perfect matched fate in Hell, each punished appropriately for the sins they have committed. The ice lake in the ninth circle of Hell, known as the Cocytus is the lake where the treacherous individuals are thrown into for eternity. Since Satan was himself the biggest treacherous, is damned to this very circle where he stays with his closest followers, who were able to successfully mimic his deadly sin when they walked on Earth. Cocytus has even rounds and the first round is known as the Caina, which was given the name after Cain of Bible. Cain was the fi rst ever human being to have committed a murder on Earth and he murdered his very own blood, his brother, Abel. Hence, those who were treacherous with their own family are damned to the first round. In this round, almost everyone who has sinned against their kin is damned to the icy lake of Cocytus, unable to move, unable to struggle. However this is contradictory to the notion of Satan burning and writhing with his followers in hell, searing in flames for an eternity. The reason why this set of damned have been frozen up to their faces in ice is because the burning of eternity can be viewed as lenient and an easy punishment, because fire is associated with light and warmth, the characteristics of God, his love and His Blessings. Hence this set of individuals has been damned to frigid ice because God wants to punish them in a way that can never be associated with him. These are the people who turned cold towards their own men and fellows on Earth have been punished in a way that the y failed to find companionship with other sinners as well. The second round is with people who were treacherous to their country, calling this round Antenora, which was named after Antenor of Troy who betrayed his city to the Greeks. Although the bond a n individual shares with his country is not as strong as the one he shares with his family, but the mere act of treachery can have adverse effects on the country and the countrymen, exposing them to hardships, severe

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