Monday, August 19, 2019

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OF MICE AND MEN A novel by John Steinbeck Two Youngs, George e Lennie were going to Soledad to work in a farm. The two mans were friends for a lot of time. Lennie wasn’t sane, but he was a good guy and a strong worker: George looked after him. They were fleeing from an other farm in Weed, where Lennie caused umpteenth trouble because of the strange manias of Lennie who liked touching everything soft: he touched the dress of a girl who thought he wanted to maltreat her. Lennie and George had a dream: an own farm where they can do everything that they want to. In the new farm they knew the other worker and the con of the owner, Curley, a typical picker of quarrels: he was neurotic for his stature and Lennie was high. Soon they knew his wife too who, unhappy for her marriage, wandered around the farm to speak with someone on the sly and for her habit she didn’t have a good reputation. Candy, a worker of the farm, knew the projects of the two Youngs and he asked them if he had been able to join them because he had some money for the indemnity of an incident on work. George, Candy and Lennie made a pact and they foresaw that by a month they would have had their farm. Lennie liked touching the soft things and he spent a lot of time stroking some little dogs. A day, when he was in the stable where there were the dogs, while other people were playing in a different part of the farm, came into the room Curley’s wife who didn’t know Lennie’s character. Lennie told her about his pleasure in touching soft things and her let him to caress her hear. The man was seizing her by hear brutally. She was howling. He shook her accidentally, he broke her neck and she died.

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