Monday, August 12, 2019

Leadership and Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Leadership and Management - Assignment Example Along with nursing services, there are qualified social workers, with one being assigned to each patient, spiritual care services that are an option should the patient request them, volunteer services who are usually trained by hospice and use their time being companions and developing relationships with the patient and there is also bereavement support. This support will follow a family for thirteen months with phone calls and offers of support groups though they primarily provide support by allowing the family to talk about their lost loved one with one outside of the family circle and it also lets them know that the patient is well remembered by the staff at BHPCC. BHPCC can provide and does provide additional services as needed by the patient. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and swallowing studies and nutritional therapy designed to ensure the patient is getting the maximum amount of nutrients, often this will be quite creative when a patient does not want to eat. High protein shakes, ensures, and other high impact alternatives will be used to ensure that while the patient is exercising his or her right to refuse food they can usually be talked into one of these choices without feeling they’ve lost the ability to make the choice. BHPCC partnered with Van Dyke Hospice offer the client many other possible services and have situational arrangement should the client need. Some of those programs are Bethany Baptist Faith Program, separate special care programs for both dementia and cardiac and also pulmonary special care programs. Another very import program is the palliative care and support for family members and caregivers. The Nursing Supervisor is responsible for supervising all medical employees. Other business functions within the organizations have their own hierarchy of supervision, such as in payroll, staffing and front desk operations. Staff consists of registered and licensed practical nurses. There are also support staf f such as aids and respiratory. Support staff such as the nursing aids spends the most time with the patient and it is often up to them to notice changes in function or cognition within the patient and report this to the patient’s assigned nurse. The nurse will then contact the doctor after their own assessment with any finding so that the doctor can determine if a visit is needed or medication change. Because the unit is a hospice unit and palliative care their can and usually is a high level of stress. Families are usually upset, patients are often angry, confused or in denial. Health care workers must carefully balance the primary needs of the patient with the needs that the family will also have for support and information about the patient’s condition. The model of care was one of a team method with the RN serving in a democratic way as team leader. Morning meetings are conducted daily and nurses are to present any cases they may have questions on or that need the team leaders input. These cases can be anything from patients complaints and how to better deal with them, to family requests and if we are able to meet them. Many times, Mary, the team leader would ask the Nurse their own opinion in the matter because the nurse has much

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